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Straight Talk for Animal Shelters

Shelter killing is an issue that strikes at the very heart of our nation's animal welfare system. It is a tragedy that should not be happening, yet it continues to plague our society. Despite the fact that there are countless animal lovers out there who are eager to adopt pets, many of these innocent creatures are still being killed at an alarming rate due to a lack of homes. It is a shocking reality that we cannot ignore.

Picture of cats and dogs and No Kill Movement Logo.  Text says - The No Kill Movement aims to end the killing of healthy and treatable homeless pets in animal shelters.

As animal lovers, we are often told that shelters and their staff are all on the same side, that we all want the same thing, and that no one wants to kill. However, the facts speak for themselves. It is estimated that over 20% of all animals who enter our nation's shelters are killed, often disposed of in garbage bags, instead of finding loving homes. When we question these practices, No Kill advocates are met with defensiveness and excuses rather than action.

It is time for us to take a united stand and demand change. We cannot fix a problem that we refuse to acknowledge exists. Shelters must be held accountable to the highest standards and benchmarks in the nation, and we must push for reform to end the needless killing of healthy dogs and cats. We must work together to create a system that prioritizes the welfare of animals over convenience and expediency.

As a compassionate and caring community, we can make a difference. By educating ourselves and advocating for change, we can help ensure that every animal has the chance to find a loving forever home. We must work to create a culture of compassion and responsibility, where every animal is valued and cherished. Together, we can end shelter killing once and for all.


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