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We Need to Talk About Pet Urine

We need to take a moment to immerse ourselves in pet urine... or, should we say, the topic of pet urine. That is because issues related to pet urine cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of pets each year.

Pet owners surrendering animals to animal shelters do not often cite problems with urination as the reason for surrender. Instead, they say things like "we're moving" or "someone is allergic." But, with a little, gentle probing with follow-up questions, the real reasons people are often giving up their pets relate to issues surrounding the natural bodily functions of pets that have gone a bit off course.

Inappropriate elimination is particularly common and problematic in cats, because of the intensity of the smell, and the apparent indestructible nature of cat urine. To get rid of cat urine smell, people try all kinds of things, ranging from trying to cover it with chemical or flower fragrances to pouring enzymes on the urine to break down the compound, but that often leave a residue that stains or that - often weeks later - develops into a nasty smell of its own that can actually attract cats to mark on top of it.

Bad litter box or house training behaviors can be caused by a wide range of things, including poor diet, medical issues and more, nearly all of which are correctable. No Kill Learning, for example, has developed a protocol, as part of their Pet Help Desk program, that resolve litter box issues in cats nearly 100% of the time. A key part of that protocol involves getting rid of the smell, so that cats are no longer attracted to marking there. The product most recommended for doing that is PetKeeper Secrets.

Unlike other products, PetKeeper Secrets is odorless, colorless, nontoxic and biodegradable. It contains no enzymes to ruin fabrics, or develop their own musty smells later. That makes it safe to use on a wide range of fabrics and other surfaces. The company is also a big supporter of the No Kill Movement and has worked with No Kill Learning to develop a fundraising program to help No Kill shelters and rescues to raise money while helping pet owners struggling with the challenging issues related to pet potty problems. The potential revenue is huge and the reward from helping pets stay in their homes is even bigger. For more information, click here. Or call toll-free (877) 799-9951 then press option 1.

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