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Raise Money While Helping Pets Stay in Homes

Help pet guardians tackle some of the toughest challenges while you put money in the bank

Anyone who has seen Mike Fry's fundraising presentation has heard of PetKeeper Secrets (PKS), an odorless, colorless, nontoxic and biodegradable odor-eliminator that destroys the toughest smells at the source.

Fry found that by integrating PetKeeper Secrets into different aspects of a shelter or rescue's operations they can raise substantial amounts of money while providing valuable service to people who live with companion animals.

Fry talks about how he was able to sell 1,200 "bottles" (including actual bottles and bottle refill packs) in a vendor booth at the Minnesota State Fair, all while helping people deal with challenging pet issues, issues like inappropriate urination and others - issues that can cause people to bring their pets to shelters or rescue groups.

PetKeeper Secrets is not only the best odor eliminator we have found, the company fully supports the No Kill Movement. So, they have set up this special fundraising avenue with special pricing so that other shelters and rescues can duplicate what Fry started. And, it can be incorporated into various programs like:

  • Foster

  • Volunteer

  • Pet Help Desk (Retention)

  • Adoption

  • Special Events


Call Toll-Free

877-799-9951 Press option 1

The way it works is simple: You buy the special Fundraising Set of PetKeeper Secrets, and your cost, including shipping and handling, comes to only $4.50 per "bottle" (including 50 actual bottles and 50 bottle refill packs). You can then resell these for the standard retail price of $15.95 per bottle or 2-refill pack. That is a HUGE profit margin that can quickly turn a $450 investment into $1,200.

See how to engage people at your events by asking them to "take the smell test" by watching the video on the right.

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