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No Kill in Motion - The Words "Healthy" and "Treatable"

We use the words healthy and treatable when we define No Kill to mean that shelters do not kill healthy and treatable animals. But what do those words really mean? In this panel discussion we talk about the meaning of those words, the Asilomar Accords of 2004 and the Matrix published by the The No Kill Advocacy Center.

Participating in the discussion are Davyd Smith of No Kill Colorado, Alan Rosenberg of the NJ Animal Observer and Aubrie Kavanaugh of Paws4Change and No Kill Huntsville. The video runs approximately 12 minutes.

The link to the Animal Evaluation Matrix is at this link:

"On My Way" courtesy of Fisher.

We also had a panel discussion last month with video and film recommendations. It runs approximately 10 minutes.

The recommendations we refer to are below:

Redemption: The No Kill Revolution in America

No Kill 101

The Myth of Pet Overpopulation

Boots on the Ground: The Lake County Story

Boots on the Ground: The Huntsville Story

Boots on the Ground: The Twin Cities Story

Dog by Dog (a documentary film about the politics and financial aspects of the commercial dog breeding industry) Available on Netflix, Youtube, iTunes, etc. Trailer:

The Champions (a documentary film about some of the former “Vick” dogs)

Beyond the Myth: A Film about Pit Bulls and Breed Discrimination Available on Youtube, Amazon Prime, iTunes, etc. Trailer:

Austin Pets Alive! The Journey to Building a No Kill Community .

Blackfish Available on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Youtube and others Trailer:

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