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No Kill in Motion: Adoptions by Appointment, Advocacy and Animosity

The panel discussions below cover a host of topics. We hope they help you in some way.

Adoptions by Appointment Only

We've heard that a lot of animal shelters continue to interact with the public on an appointment-only basis even though most places are open and people are returning to more of a sense of normalcy. How does this affect the ability to adopt out animals and get them out of shelters quickly?

Note: Shirley Marsh wrote a blog for years as Yes Biscuit and then took a break. She is back to writing. You can catch up with her content, old and new, at this link:

"Remind Me" courtesy of Fisher.

A Look Back at the Yes Biscuit "No Soup" Blog

In March of 2011, Shirley Marsh of Yes Biscuit wrote what went on to become an iconic blog about how to save shelter animals. Many of us have referred to this as the "No Soup" blog over the years. In this panel discussion we take a look back at the blog and what it has meant over the years.

Shirley's blog is at this link.

Aubrie's blog is at this link.

"Save You" courtesy of Fisher.

The Love/Hate Positions about Community Cats

TNR (trap, neuter, return) programs for community cats are part of the No Kill Equation developed by Nathan Winograd which we support and promote. TNR is a humane way to reduce populations of cats which has proven to work. In this panel discussion, we talk about the apparent love/hate relationship some people have with these creatures. The video runs about 10 minutes.

The Vox Felina website we reference is located here:

"12:45" courtesy of Fisher.


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