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What They Do NOT Want You To See

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

A video that was recently posted on Facebook by Andrew Weprin is raising eyebrows, though, in many ways, the video is unsurprising. In it, an obviously frightened dog is being dragged, reportedly to the "euthanasia" room to be destroyed, by a group of staff. To keep the camera from filming the terrified dog, one of the staff people stands between the dog and the camera with her back to the camera.

The video is unsurprising because anyone who has followed the goings on at New York Animal Care and Control, where this video was apparently shot, already knows the place is Hell hole for homeless animals. Anyone who knows about NYACC already knows that scared animals are needlessly killed there on a regular basis. Anyone who knows about NYACC already knows that the staff there must be so callous to killing that they go about it like emotionless cogs in broken machine or bots in a video game. But, even with knowing all of that, the video is hard to watch.

What we find particularly telling about the video is the response from the staff to the terror the dog is experiencing. Do the staff try to reassure the dog? No. Do they stop to calm him or her at all? No. Instead, the priority seems to be to step in front of the camera so no one can see the dog's terror, while other staff keep pulling on the leash.

The dog gets up and the team of bots march down the hallway to the kill room.

After decades of promises that New York would stop killing; after tens of millions of dollars spent given by Maddie's Fund for the purpose of stopping the killing; and, even after national organizations like Best Friends Animal Society has held NYACC up as role models for other shelters to follow, NYACC's killing machine keeps on keeping on.

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