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Redemption Now Streaming on Amazon

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Redemption: The No Kill Revolution in America is the story of animal sheltering in the USA; how it was born of compassion and then lost its way. It is the story of the No Kill movement that says we can and must stop the killing of healthy and treatable pets in animal shelters. It is about heroes and villains. But, most of all, it is an uplifting and inspiring story of redemption, and of the people and animal shelters that are achieving record-level life-saving all over the United States. Watch it now on Amazon.

Movie Trailer


Redemption explores the dramatic history of the formation of the first animal welfare organization in the United States, which was founded by Henry Bergh in New York in 1866. It was an agency committed to helping animals, prosecuting cruelty and changing public attitudes about our non-human companions. But, something went terribly wrong.

Shortly after Bergh's death, and against his wishes, the organization he founded took over the contract to run New York City's animal control. The agency founded to save animals became the leading killer of healthy animals, setting off a downward spiral across the nation as other animal shelters followed after them.

Fortunately, the film goes on to show how communities all over the USA are revolutionizing their animal shelters, and ending the killing of healthy or treatable pets.

With a running time of 55 minutes, Redemption is a must-watch for anyone who cares about companion animals. Watch it here.

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