There are currently hundreds of communities across the USA whose shelters have stopped killing healthy or treatable pets. The shelters in your community can do that, too. If your community is not already No Kill, your shelters need to hear from you and your friends.... please get involved to save lives.

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Per Capita Intake Calculator

Many animal shelters insist that their high volume of intake prevents them from achieving No Kill. This Per Capita Intake Calculator will help you keep them honest.

Note: The average per capita intake for animal shelters in the USA is about 14 animals per 1,000 residents. Yet, open admission animal control operations with per capita intake of more than twice that amount have achieved No Kill status.

Use the calculator on the right side of this page to compute a shelters per campita intake. Simply fill in the raw data for shelter intake and population size then click "Calculate." We will give you the actual, per capita intake per 1,000 residents.